Monday, June 10, 2013

Dear Brethren and Friends:

If you were at yesterday's fourth Annual (SOLD OUT) Valley Family Day at Campbell's Field, no doubt you had a nice time. If you weren't there, you missed, said nice time. But, never fear, we have another great Family event on the horizon.

That's right, our Family Life Chairman, soon to be Illustrious Brother, Jim Rae, 32 1/2 MSA is finalizing the details for the Valley to return to "Christmas in Hershey" this coming holiday season. This has been a great event for us in the past and due to its popularity we're bringing it back. Believe me, you do not want to miss that!

Stay tuned to this page and of course, THE DOUBLE EAGLE for updates and ticket ordering information.

So what's next you might ask? Well for our Officers, 33's and MSA's, and any Valley member that may wish to attend, the Pennsylvania Council of Deliberation's Annual Meeting at Seven Springs, July, 12-13, 2013. Yes, I know, you haven't gotten your notice yet. Our Illustrious Deputy has informed me and the other Valley Secretaries that they will be out soon. As many of our Masonic/Scottish Rite Degrees emphasize virtues, don't let us forget that all important one, PATIENCE!

I have had a few inquiries from Valley members who are non-Council members about attending the COD Annual. Yes, you are welcome and even encouraged to attend. No, you will not receive a notice as you are not a member. Once the notices are received, I will post that information here. If you are interested in going, call me in the Scottish Rite Office at that time and I will provide you with the information relative to the hotel, the annual banquet, etc.

Even though the Summer is just beginning and we're all hearing motions to go dark throughout the season in our various Lodges and other Masonic Bodies, our membership efforts NEVER go dark! Be sure to discuss Scottish Rite membership with that Masonic Brother. Let him know that our Fall Class, named the "Supreme Council, 33, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction 200th Anniversary Class," will begin on Friday, 18 October. This Class is the very LAST Class that will receive the Supreme Council's 200th Anniversary Membership Jewel. This Class will also receive a commemorative 200th Anniversary Class name badge as well.

Speaking of commemoratives, yesterday at the ball game a number of us were wearing the blue Valley of Philadelphia t-shirts we sold 4 years ago at Reunions. A few Brethren inquired as to how they could get one. Well like I said, we sold those 4 years ago and they're gone. But if we have enough interest, I can look into having a new shirt designed and made available. Let me know by calling the Scottish Rite Office (215-563-1814)  and we'll see if the response warrants a new shirt offer.
Well that will do it for this edition. Stay tuned throughout the Summer as I will keep you updated as developments happen.
Have a safe and enjoyable Summer. Don't forget our upcoming Fall Reunion, get a Candidate, or two, or three or. . .
May the Grand Architect continue to watch over you and yours.

Sincere fraternal regards,
Steven Morrison, 33
Valley Secretary