Tuesday, June 23, 2015

This Sunday's Valley Family Day at Campbell's Field

The Riversharks have issued a traffic advisory for the games on Friday, 26 June through Sunday, 28 June, due to the Tall Ships events on the Camden Waterfront. Please allow for extra travel time!
The Camden Sheriff's Department has asked fans to display an official parking placard on the dashboard of their vehicle as they approach the waterfront to help traffic flow move as smoothly as possible and to help them direct you to the appropriate lots.
Here is the link for you to PRINT out your REQUIRED placard:http://riversharks.com.ismmedia.com/…/Camden%20Riversharks%…
Remember leave early to get there and anticipate traffic. Have a great time and enjoy the game. Thank you for supporting our Valley's Family Life events.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

It will soon be dues time!

Believe it or not the year 2015 is about to come to an end in the Valley of Philadelphia. That's right. 2015. Over. Soon.
Our fiscal year runs from August 1st to July 31st. Which means, August 1st will be day one of 2016 for the Valley of Philadelphia.
As such, soon it will be time to renew your dues to the Scottish Rite. I will be requesting the Supreme Council to run our 2016 dues bills next week. I try to do it early, as with 105 Valleys in the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction and most of us having our years end at the same time, there can be a 'traffic jam' so to speak in getting our bills out to you.
As always, PLEASE wait until you receive your dues bill in the mail to pay your dues and REMEMBER to include your bill with your check when paying your dues. I know our online banking folks cannot do that and that's okay, BUT, PLEASE remember to put both your name and your 9-digit member number (it's on your dues card) as your account number on the check. If your bank won't allow both, PLEASE be sure to include your member number!
Speaking of dues cards; all of you should have the silver credit card-style dues card. This is your 'permanent' dues card. You will not receive another. Unless of course you've lost it and then all you have to do is call or email me and I will order you another post haste. Do NOT misunderstand the word 'permanent.' It doesn't mean that you no longer have to pay your dues (with exception of life members).
Now, for those that still haven't paid your 2015 dues; pay them soon or you will find yourself owing two years dues and in danger of being suspended after the May Annual Meeting. We don't want that and hope you don't either.
Of course you can also go to the Supreme Council web site (www.scottishritenmj.org) and pay your dues by credit card as well. Be advised that when you do that, the Supreme Council does deduct the amount of the credit card processing fee from your dues,thus giving the Valley, YOUR Valley, less money. If you do plan to pay by credit card, PLEASE wait until you receive your actual bill to do so. That is your guarantee that our new dues rate has been posted and you're not paying short a few bucks. Thank you.
And as always, PLEASE remember the ever dreaded word, 'Assessment' on your dues bill, is NOT, I repeat, NOT some evil conspiracy to extract money from you! No, it's not. It is your dues to the Supreme Council. Plain and simple. Just as your Lodge must pay dues to the Grand Lodge for you, we must pay them to Supreme Council. If you pay only the Valley dues, you will receive a second notice for the 'Assessment.'
And lastly, REMEMBER, we raised our dues at the Annual Meeting. You were there. You voted for it. If you weren't there; don't look at me. You had a chance to voice your opinion, you chose not to. Our 2016 dues will be $99. That breaks down as $72 for the Valley of Philadelphia (remember, you're paying for 4 Bodies!) and $27 for the Supreme Council.
Okay, so that wasn't totally, 'lastly.' If you find that paying your dues might be a difficulty; call me. We can work out a payment plan that works for you. 215-563-1814. Really. Call me. I'm a nice guy, despite this new 'nickname' that has arisen lately. We can make it work for you.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

As the Summer season begins

Dear Brethren and Friends:

Have you seen our new Valley web site yet? If not, surf on over and give it a look today. www.philascottishrite.org

The new site features a "Contact" page that allows you to communicate directly with the Valley by email. "Announcements" brings you up to date about upcoming Valley activities and events and provides the opportunity to order tickets for those functions. 

Our site still features a downloadable petition for interested Master Masons. Our "Officers" page has been condensed to show only our Presiding Officers, Valley Secretary and Treasurer.  The Valley's "Calendar" is still there bringing you all the dates regarding the Valley's activities and meetings as well as dates for activities throughout Pennsylvania Freemasonry and all the Holidays too!

Check it out!

Our NEW Commander-in-Chief, Ill. Clayton Melson, 33 MSA, has announced that our 2015 Fall Reunion will be held to honor our Veterans. All Valley Veterans are asked to send in their name, rank and branch of service. This information will be published in the 2015 Fall Class Reunion booklet.

Speaking of the "Honoring Our Veterans Class," they will begin their Scottish Rite journey on Friday evening, October 16, 2015. That evening the 4th Degree, "Master Traveler" will be presented by a Cast made up of members of the 2015 Spring Class. Bro. Brian Skoff, 32, Degree Master will soon announce the Cast Kick-Off meeting at which time the parts will be assigned to those Brethren that expressed interest in taking part. 

The October 16th meeting will include the 14th Degree, "Grand Elect Mason" presented by the Officers of Philadelphia Lodge of Perfection. The evening will round out with the conferral of the new 31st Degree ritual, "My Brother's Keeper." This new Degree will be conferred by a Cast of Valley members who are also members of Thomson Lodge No. 340.

Lodge Casts are an exciting new opportunity for Valley Brethren to get involved. So far we've had a Degree presented by a Cast of Valley Brethren from Cassia -Mount Horeb Lodge No. 273 and Jerusalem Lodge No. 506. Casts of Brethren from Concordia Lodge No. 67 and St. Johns Lodge No. 115 are in the works, as well as one made up of Valley Brethren who are also members of the Pennsylvania Shield and Square Club. If you are interested in getting a Cast together from your home Lodge, call the Scottish Rite Office at 215-563-1814 for more information.

The 2015 Fall Reunion continues on Friday, November 20th when the 15th Degree, "Knight of the East" and the 18th Degree, "Knight of Rose Croix," will be presented by the Officers of DeJoinville Council, Princes of Jerusalem and Kilwinning Chapter of Rose Croix respectively.

Speaking of our Valley's Bodies, if you were at the Annual Meeting this past May 15th, you no doubt noticed that our Lodge of Perfection, Council of Princes of Jerusalem and Chapter of Rose Croix lines have grown in size. Our Officer Selection and Officers Education Committees took notice of how many "unattached" Brethren attend our annual Officers Training Conference each year and go home empty handed. Not wanting to let their enthusiasm for getting involved and being an active part of the Valley, go to waste, the Committees decided to give these Brethren an opportunity to join one of the lines in newly created roles of Guards (Lodge of Perfection), Satraps (Council of Princes of Jerusalem) or Acolytes (Chapter of Rose Croix). These new appointments will give these Brethren the opportunity to be a part of the Line's Degree conferrals and to prepare themselves for an eventual journey through the actual line of the Body.

Our Fall Reunion will conclude on Friday, December 18, 2015. That evening Benjamin Franklin Consistory will present the 32nd Degree, "Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret." This will be the only Degree shown that evening. As our Class is named in honor of Veterans, we have a few special surprises in store to recognize this honor. First up, the reigning Miss Philadelphia, Julia Rae Schucter will be in attendance. She will sing "God Bless America" accompanied by a military color guard to kick off the evening; and remain with the Valley Ladies after dinner to discuss her program during her term as Miss Philadelphia. After the Degree conferral, Brother and General Wesley Craig,  US Army (retired) will address the Class and Valley members. Should be a fantastic evening!

We're headed back to the Canstatter for the Valley's Annual Family Summer Picnic! 

The Picnic sponsored by DeJoinville Council, Princes of Jerusalem, will happen on Saturday, August 1, 2015. The day begins at 12 PM in the Canstatter's picnic grove. Lunch and Dinner will be served for the price of $15 for those 13 years of age and older and $10 for those 12 and under.

There will be games for the kids and activities for everyone who wants to participate throughout the day.

See the May issue of THE DOUBLE EAGLE for a ticket order form or you can visit the "Announcements" page on the Valley web site (http://www.philascottishrite.org/announcements.htmlhttp://www.philascottishrite.org/announcements.html) to download one.

Valley members are encouraged to invite their non-Scottish Rite Masonic friends, who can come for FREE. Our Membership Team will be on hand to offer them a brief program on the Valley and the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite. Your Masonic friend's family are welcome too for the admission price.

Everyone who attended last year had a great time. Don't miss this NEW Valley tradition!

May the Grand Architect continue to watch over and bless each of you and your families.