Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Good Morning everyone and welcome to Wednesday!
This Friday, 14 November is our dinner reservation deadline for next Friday's Fall Reunion Closing Ceremony. If you haven't made your reservation yet, please do so today or tomorrow at the latest. Remember, I will be calling the number into the Caterer on Friday, so you surely want to be in that count.
Also, if you are a Candidate Recommender, please check with your Candidate to see if he is planning to attend and if he has checked in as of yet. This is your responsibility to him as his recommender and to the Valley as well. I send both the current and the hold over Candidates a letter prior to each meeting and that letter directs them to contact the Office upon receipt, but that doesn't always happen. As of right now I haven't heard from quite a few of the Candidates.
If they don't check in, I have to order them a dinner just in case they do show up. How would we look if we weren't prepared for a Candidate? But, if they don't show up, WE, you and I are paying for a dinner for no one and if it's more than one, it can add up. If you are a recommender of any of the aforementioned Brethren, or even if you're not but you know one or more of them, please reach out to them and have them check in, regardless if they plan to attend or not. Thank You.
Our 32nd Degree Ceremonial Cast rehearses this evening at 7PM. Good Luck guys on your first rehearsal of the new ritual.
7 Tickets remain for our Valley's Family Life event "Les Miserables" at the Media Theater on Saturday, 6 December at 7PM. We've sold out of our share of tickets for the 13 December 2PM matinee showing. Owing to the obvious popularity of that date and time, the theater management is offering us a trade of our remaining 6 December tickets for 13 December tickets, but we have to let them know by this Friday. So, if you want to go to the sold out show, ACT NOW!!! Let me know.
Ticket orders are coming in for the Valley's Holiday Party on Friday, 19 December at the Lazaretto Ballroom in Essington and that is great to see. We're going to have a good time. During the evening we will be making a very special presentation to our Illustrious Valley Brother, Robert Bateman, 33, RWGM and Active Member of the Supreme Council. The evening begins with the Social Hour at 6PM featuring an open bar and hot and cold hors doeuvres. A cash bar begins at 7PM and a delicious buffet dinner will be served. DJ Bob Schiavert entertains us until 10PM. Sounds like fun doesn't it?Tickets are $35 per person in advance. That's right. NO, no tickets will be sold at the door. If you show up and do not have a ticket, you'll be going home. Talk about being all dressed up with no where to go! Don't let that be YOU! Send your check payable to 'Scottish Rite Bodies,' to the Scottish Rite Office, Masonic Temple, One North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107-2520, TODAY!
Have a great Wednesday everyone!