Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Valley's Annual Memorial Service is Today!

Good Morning! Today is the Valley's Annual Memorial Service, hosted by the Most Wise Master, Ill. John Lanckowski, 33° and the other Officers of Kilwinning Chapter of Rose Croix, 18°.
The Service will begin at 3PM at The Church of our Savior, 821 Homestead Road, Jenkintown, PA.
Our Valley Prior and Assistant Grand Prior of the Supreme Council, The Reverend and Illustrious William D. Hartman, 33° will again offer the message as we memorialize the 49 Brethren we've lost over the past year.
Every member of the Valley of Philadelphia is welcome to attend the Service and you're welcome to bring your family along as well.
Following the Service, a complimentary dinner will be served in the dining room of the Jenkintown Masonic Temple, 443 Old York Road, Jenkintown. The Temple is directly across the street from the Church.
There two lighted cross walks, one north of the church and one south on Old York Road, we ask that everyone please use these when crossing over to the Temple. We're in no hurry to begin filling the program for next year's Service.
If you did not make a reservation for the dinner, I am sorry, we cannot accommodate you today, but you're still welcome to attend the Service.
The dress code for the Brethren today is coat and tie or business suit. The Officers of Kilwinning Chapter should be in tuxedo.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Brethren Please Take Notice: 
I spoke with Amy, the Temple Caterer on Friday when she called to get our count. I gave her the number I have right now, but told her I would call her back on first thing Tuesday morning as our deadline is Monday. She told me at that time that I would have to call her Monday morning as she cannot go past Monday afternoon with the staffing service she uses to get people to serve the tables.
So, if you haven't called in to 215-563-1814, clicked 'Going' (for our Facebook group members) or sent an email reservation in to yet for Friday's dinner, please do so NOW.
Unfortunately, I will have to call her in the morning with what will be our final count. As per our Commander-in-Chief's directive, if you do not have a reserved ticket we will turn you away from dinner.
The clock is ticking, get your reservation in today. Please pass the word. After I call Amy in the morning, I will accept no more reservations.
Thank you both your understanding and your cooperation.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Good Morning everyone and welcome to Friday!
This coming Monday is our Dinner Reservation Deadline for next Friday's visit by the Sovereign Grand Commander. If I do not have you on the list when I close the office on Monday, YOU WILL NOT BE JOINING US FOR DINNER ON FRIDAY NIGHT! No ifs, ands or buts. If you haven't called, emailed or clicked 'Going' (through our Valley Facebook group) yet and you plan to join to us, get it done TODAY!
Next Wednesday, 6 April is the final rehearsal for the 32°. Ill. Daniel Martin, 33°, Degree Master has told me that attendance at the rehearsals so far hasn't been that great. He's asking everyone to be try to be there on Wednesday. This is the Cast that will present the Degree in front of our Sovereign Grand Commander. Our best effort needs to be there! Although this is a Ceremonial Cast rehearsal, Illustrious Bro. Dan is asking that Allegory Cast members try to attend as well. Also Honor Guard members should be there too. Ill. Bud Garvey, 33°, our Valley's 'Protocol Czar' will also be there to rehearse the reception of Scottish Rite/Masonic Dignitaries.
We have a big week ahead, with the Reunion on Friday night and then the Annual Officer's Training on Saturday. The Conference will be held again this year at the Jenkintown Masonic Temple. All Elected and Appointed Officers are expected to attend. Our Commander-in-Chief has stated that Officer Line advancement will be weighed by your attendance at the Conference. He reiterated that last night at the Executive Committee meeting. The Conference begins with Breakfast served at 7:30 AM by Valley Bro. Joseph Rocchi, thanks again Joe! The Conference kicks off at 8:30 and we'll have you out of there by noon. If you plan to come and haven't registered yet, please do so by today. I have to get the materials together and I need to know how many packets to make up. Thank you.
Well, that will do it for now. Have a great R.E.D. Friday everyone and an even better week ahead!