Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Valley By-Laws Updated-Important!

Brethren: Our Valley's By-Laws have been in need of an update for some time now.
In the past year our By-Laws Committee Chairman, Bro. Leonard Altieri, 32° has taken on the task of reviewing, revising and re-writing a new full code.
As he progressed through the project, drafts were presented to the voting members of the Valley's Executive Committee for their review and approval.

The final draft was presented at the September Executive Committee meeting and approved by the Committee at our October meeting.
The final approved draft of the new full code of by-laws is available for your inspection in the Scottish Rite Office. This full code will be voted on by the Valley at our 17 March Spring Reunion meeting.
If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding the proposed new full code, please direct your questions to either Bro. Altieri or myself. Thank you.
On behalf of the Commander-in-Chief and my fellow voting members, I would like to thank Bro. Leonard for his fantastic work on this project.