Monday, April 13, 2015

Dear Brethren and Friends:

Good Morning Everyone and Welcome to Reunion Week!
This evening the Cast of the 32nd Degree, 'Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret' rehearses at 7PM in Gothic Hall. Parking is at the Convention Center Parking Facility, 1324 Arch Street, Philadelphia, and as always the dress code for the Masonic Temple is coat and tie.
Our Dinner Reservation Deadline has come and gone. If you did not make a reservation and are planning to attend on Friday night, grab a bite before you get there. Sorry but you were given 'due and timely notice.'
The Officers of Kilwinning Chapter of Rose Croix and the other Cast members of the 18th Degree will rehearse this Wednesday evening, 15 April (TAX DAY) at 7PM in Gothic Hall.
To both Casts, have a great rehearsal, we're all looking forward to your presentations on Friday night!
Have a great week everyone!