Thursday, January 5, 2017

Dear Brethren and Friends:

Happy New Year!
Before I begin, just a note of assistance to you: Get used to writing a seventeen (17) at the end of the year. We all always seem to have trouble with that.
Okay, so what's going on?
Tonight is our 4° Cast Kick Off meeting. This is the meeting we have to introduce our new Brethren who are interested and have volunteered to to take part in the 4° conferral all they'll need to know about being a Cast member. We'll also assign parts. We had two classes to have volunteers from this time, both the Spring and Fall Classes of 2016. Unfortunately out of 128 potential Brothers the response wasn't all that overwhelming, but we did get a few of them and to those Brethren we say, 'Thank You!' You are about to begin an exciting and fun journey of involvement in your Valley and I guarantee it will be time well spent!
Thanks to all our 'veteran' or 'seasoned' Brothers who volunteered to take part in the Cast again as well. We just couldn't do it without the stalwarts in this Valley and we're glad to have you.
For those attending the meeting, parking is in the Convention Center Parking Facility, 1324 Arch Street. If you park there, your parking is FREE. If you park anywhere else you are on your own.
The dress code for the Masonic Temple is always business suit or sport coat and tie. No tux's are necessary for our rehearsals or cast meetings. Besides, unless you're an elected or appointed Valley Officer, you never have to wear tuxedo to a Valley function!
The meeting will begin promptly at 7PM in the Ill. Carl D. Homan, 33° room on the fourth floor of the Masonic Temple, One North Broad Street.
The 4° Degree will be presented on the opening night of our Spring Reunion, which is Friday, 17 March. The 14° will also be a part of that night as well. There should be one other Degree presented that evening too and as soon as our Director of Work lets me know which Degree it is, I'll let you know.
Don't forget our next Valley Family Life event, 'Valley of Philadelphia Night at the Harlem Globetrotters, on Sunday, 5 March at the Wells Fargo Center. Tickets are available for $15 per person. You can download an order form right here from our Valley group page by clicking on the EVENTS tab ^ above or by visiting the Announcements page on our Valley's web site (philascottishrite,org)
Our name, 'Valley of Philadelphia Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite' will appear on the Jumbo-tron and there will be an on the court meet and greet for all of our folks with the Globetrotters, plus a group picture with the team!
This should be a great family night. Order your tickets soon!
Our Spring Class has been named in honor of Ill. Arthur D. Becker, 33° MSA, Past Commander-in-Chief. What a great honor for Bro. Art! Very happy for him!
Now is the time to get a Candidate for the Class. To our new Brothers, if you are the first line signer on 3 initiated petitions in the same year, your Scottish Rite dues the following year are FREE! If you are the first line signer on 25 petitions over the course of your lifetime, you become a Life Member and will then pay NO dues ever after! Talk to those Brothers in your Lodge now!
Petitions are always available by visiting the Valley's website or give me a call in the Valley Office at 215-563-1814.

Second Notices for Dues are in the mail. If you've received one of these notices, please remit your dues.
As part of our new full code of by-laws, we will no longer hold a Brother for two years prior to suspension. Doing this we're still billable to the Supreme Council for the $27 per member assessment and when do not receive a dues payment from a Brother or a number of Brethren, that expense can add up.

Our new by-law article will now allow us to suspend a Brother from the Scottish Rite for failing to pay one year's dues. These suspensions will occur following our Valley's Annual Meeting which this year will be held on Friday, 16 June.
If you are having an issue paying your dues and would like to remain a member of the Valley, please contact me in the Scottish Rite Office and we can work out an affordable payment plan to help you retain your Valley membership. Please understand it is no longer affordable for the Valley to simply remit dues.