Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer's Here and We're Still Here Too!

Dear Brethren and Friends:

It has been awhile since the last web edition, so we have a lot to discuss and without further ado;

Our Valley's Annual Meeting was held on Friday, May 18th. It was on that night that we elected and installed our 2012-13 Scottish Rite year Officers, recognized our 50- year members and presented Abbott Scottish Rite Scholarships to four deserving young people.

Congratulations go out to Ill. Bros. Robert J. Burns and Robert J. Bateman, 33 on their terms as Thrice Potent Master and Most Wise Master respectively. Illustrious Bro. Bateman completed his second successive term as Most Wise Master, and we thank him for staying in office for a second term. 

Congratulations also go out to Bro. Stephen J. Bradley,32 on his term as Sovereign Prince of DeJoinville Council, Princes of Jerusalem. 

Our new Presiding Officers are also deserving of both our Congratulations and our Thank You's as well.

Our new Thrice Potent Master of Philadelphia Lodge of Perfection is Bro. Michael C. Bauerle, 32. The new Sovereign Prince of DeJoinville Council is Ill. Frank Weckenman, 33,MSA and the new Most Wise Master of Kilwinning Chapter is Bro. Jeffrey S. Greene, 32. We wish each of them successful terms of office.

If you weren't in atttendance at our Annual Meeting, and unfortunately many of you weren't, plan to now to come out during our 2012 Fall Reunion, to thank our Officers for their service to YOUR Valley.

Speaking of the Fall 2012 Reunion it will begin on Friday, October 19th, with the Special Communication of Philadelphia Lodge of Perfection. The Reunion continues on November 16th with the Special Convocation of DeJoinville Council and the Special Assembly of Kilwinning Chapter. Our Fall Class is named in honor of our Right Worshipful Grand Master, Ill. Jay W. Smith, 33, and he will be here on December 21st for the Special Rendezvous of Benjamin Franklin Consistory. Put these dates on your calendar now and plan to be with us.

We have a new Director of Work, Ill. Robert J. Burns,33, is taking over as our former Director, Ill. David T. Reppert, 33,MSA, has to focus attention on career and education. Thanks again go out to Bro. Dave for his many years of service to the Valley!  Bro. Bob will soon announce what Degrees will be presented during the Fall Reunion and when he does you will see that announcement right here. Stay tuned!

Also coming this Fall, DeJoinville Council, Princes of Jerusalem will again sponsor another great bus trip.  On Saturday, September 15, 2012, you can join your Valley Brethren and their ladies/families on the bus bound for Nemours Mansion & Gardens in Wilmington, Delaware. This beautiful Victorian era mansion was the home of Alfred I. Dupont. For more information or to order tickets to go on this trip, please visit: http://www.philascottishrite.org/calendar_of_events.htm

Hey, it's Summertime, enough with this talk of the Fall! Okay, okay, you're right. So what's happening this Summer anyway?

Well, this Sunday, June 3, is our third annual Family Day at Campbell's Field in Camden for some great River Sharks baseball action and a picnic with your Valley Brethren and their families. And, we are very proud to announce that, for the third straight year this event is a SELL OUT! Thanks to all the Brethren for their support of our event.
On July 14th the Pennsylvania Council of Deliberation will hold its annual meeting at the Hershey Lodge and Convention Center in beautiful Hershey, PA. 

All Valley elected Officers, Past elected Officers, 33rd Degree Members and MSA recipients are members of the Council and should plan to attend the Annual Meeting. By now you should have received your notice from the Council office. If you did not receive one and should have contact the Scottish Rite Office.

This year two of our Valley Brothers, Robert "Skip" Leopold, 32 and Thomas Wible, 32, will receive the Meritorious Service Award. Congratulations to both of these deserving Brothers!

It's always great to a large group of Brethren there to represent our Valley, any Valley 32nd Degree Valley member is welcome to attend the meeting. If you wish to attend and require more information, call the Scottish Rite Office at 215-563-1814.

Our 33rd Degree Brethren and 33rd Degree Candidates will travel to Cleveland, OH this August for the Supreme Council Annual Sessions.

We'll wrap up the Summer event season with our Family Picnic at the Cape May County Zoo on Saturday, September 29th. For more information on this event or to download a form to order tickets, please visit: http://www.philascottishrite.org/calendar_of_events.htm

The Board of Governors of the Children's Dyslexia Center of Philadelphia have two events coming up that they want you to know about as well.

"The Art of Literacy" fund raising event in conjunction with Barnes & Noble will be held June 9-14 at the stores on online at bn.com . Remember to use Voucher Number 10686236.

Barnes & Noble will donate up to 20% of all purchases at any Barnes & Noble store during this period on all books, magazines and food. Voucher Number 10686236 must be used at the time of purchase to earmark funds for the Center.

You can shop online too at www.bn.com during these dates. Up to 10% of your purchase on books and gift items will be donated if you remember to use Voucher Number 10686236. Nook purchases are capped at 5%. Remember Vouchere Number 10686236.

"A Toast to Reading in Memory of Ill. Thomas Hopkins, 33" will be held on Friday, November 2, 2012 from 7 to 9:30 PM at the William Penn Inn, Rte 202 and Sumneytown Pike in Gwynedd, PA. For more information or to print out the event flyer, please visit: http://www.philascottishrite.org/calendar_of_events.htm

Whew! So you now you can see, we have lots happening in our Valley, even during the so-called 'dark' months.

Until the next edition, I pray the Grand Architect continues to watch over all of you and your families.

Sincere fraternal regards,

Steven A. Morrison, 33
Valley Secretary

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