Monday, December 31, 2012

Dear Brethren and Friends:

As we say farewell to another year,
We all shake hands and spread about good cheer.
In our Valley, there is no doubt,
At midnight each one will shout,
Happy New Year to you and yours,
And everyone between our shores.

So hoist a hot cup and a sweet confection
To all the boys in the Lodge of Perfection;
To Michael and Gerry, Tony and Doug
We pass along a fellowship hug,
And don’t forget Joel, Mike and Joe,
Those appointed guys complete the show.

What a better way to beat the winter chill,
Than some warm fellowship from the fellows of DeJoinville;
Frank, Jeffrey, Tom and Pete,
Their brotherly attitude is sure to greet,
Russ and Harry are in there too,
And send along new year greetings to you.

Our cheer of course is far from thinning,
And so we’ll pass along the greetings of Kilwinning;
Jeff, John and John, Wagner and Lanckowski,
And Danny and the two Bills, Kingsbury and Klosz see?

Before the old year becomes history,
Roll out the greetings of the Consistory,
Ray, Art and Clay,
Send you greetings this day
Along with those of
Bob, Winton and Phil,
Send on their cheer to you and still,
There’s Jim, Rick, Fred and Steve
To send a smile on this New Year’s eve.

Greetings also come from our
Treasurer and our Trustees
and all the members of the Executive Committee

Here’s hoping this song
Gave you a positive reactionary,
As it was written by the Valley Secretary!

Happy New Year!
 As always, I pray the Grand Architect watches over all of you and your families.
Be of good cheer and have a great time this evening, but please, be safe.
 Sincere fraternal regards,
Steven A. Morrison, 33, Valley Secretary

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