Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fall Reunion Update

Dear Brethren and Friends:

Hope you all had an enjoyable Summer with your families and friends.

We had a great Summer in the Valley of Philadelphia. We have two new MSA's and three new 33rds!

Congrats again to Bros. George Burns, MSA and Jeff Lees, MSA. Also kudos go out to our 2014 MSA nominees, Bros. Norman Greene, 32 and Stephen Bradley, 32. Bros. Norm and Steve will receive their well deserved awards at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania Council of Deliberation at the Hershey Lodge and Convention Center, this coming July! Way to go guys!

Congratulations to our new Illustrious Brothers, Phil Janusz MSA, Jim Rae, MSA and John Wagner.

While we were in Washington, DC for the 200th Anniversary Session of the Supreme Council, we learned that four Valley Brothers had been nominated and elected to receive the 33rd Degree in 2015 in Indianapolis. Those Brothers are; Bill Greet, Ed Neilson, Dan Scheetz and Tom Toscani. Best wishes to them!

Our Fall Reunion begins on Friday, 18 October with the Special Convocation of DeJoinville Council, Princes of Jerusalem. Our Sovereign Prince, Bro. Jeff Lees, 32, MSA and the other Officers look forward to welcoming all Valley members and their Ladies and of course the members of our Fall Class!

Speaking of our Fall Class, it is named in honor of the Supreme Council's Bicentennial, "The Supreme Council 200th Anniversary Class." This Class will be the absolute LAST Class to receive the 200th Anniversary Member's Jewel. Yes, Philadelphia region Master Masons, I'm talking to you! Petitions are ALWAYS available at

The evening starts with dinner in the Grand Banquet Hall at 6:00 P.M. The Masonic Temple has a new Caterer. The Members of the Valley's Advisory Committee attended a taste test hosted by the Caterer, and I all can say is everything was delicious! Starting with the Fall Reunion we will go back to serving a sit down dinner. That's right, no more buffet!

Following dinner, Bro. Lees will open DeJoinville Council. The Degrees to be conferred that evening are the 4th Degree, Master Traveler, the 16th Degree, Prince of Jerusalem, and the "Valley's Signature Degree," the 20th, Master Ad Vitam. We have an entirely new Cast this time around for the Degree, with one exception, Past Commander-in-Chief, Ill. Dan Martin, 33, reprises his role as General Mordecai Gist. It will be great to see this new Cast of upcoming Valley stars in action. Plan now to be with us.  You can call 215-563-1814, email to, or our NEW email address, or in you are a member of the Valley's Facebook group, "Valley of Philadelphia, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite-Members Only!" you can 'one click' your RSVP soon.

The Fall Reunion will conclude on Friday, 15 November, with the Special Assembly of Kilwinning Chapter of Rose Croix.
The Degrees scheduled for that evening are the 18th, Knight of Rose Croix and the 32nd, Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret.
The evening will be opened by our Most Wise Master, Ill. John Wagner, 33 and closed by our Commander-in-Chief, Ill. Arthur Becker, 33, MSA.
So, will that be it for the Fall? As far as our Degrees and Candidates are concerned, yes, but our Family Life Chairman, Ill. Bro. Jim Rae, 33,MSA has again planned a return to a Valley Holiday favorite, "Christmas in Hershey." Stay tuned to the web edition, The November Double Eagle and of course the Valley's Facebook group for information on ticket ordering.
Well, that will do it for this edition. As things develop they will be posted here.
As always, I pray that the Grand Architect watches over you and your family.
Sincere fraternal regards,

Steven Morrison, 33
Valley Secretary


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