Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dear Brethren and Friends:
Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday! Wow, where did this week go?
It's that time of year again!
Yesterday I ordered our 2015 Scottish Rite Dues billing.
Once Supreme Council runs our dues, your bill will be in the mail to you.
For our new guys, that are now saying "2015? Steve, what are you talking about? It's only June of 2014?!?!" Our, Scottish Rite fiscal year runs from August 1st to July 31st, or in other words, 2015 arrives just a wee bit earlier in Scottish Rite. HAPPY NEW YEAR! No resolutions needed. Put down the champagne, it's not even noon yet! SHEESH!
Please wait until you receive your dues bill to pay your dues and PLEASE do not forget to return your bill with your check! I need your bill to post (give you credit for paying) your dues and our auditors use the bills and dues batch posting reports when doing the audit. It's whole chain of events and we're all links in the chain! And you thought you were just a Valley member! Perish the thought! You're much more than that!
If you prefer to pay your dues online with a credit card, you can do that as well at the Supreme Council's website ( You will have to set up an account to do that and you will need your nine digit member number which is on your dues card. Please note that if you do pay online the Valley is charged the credit card service charge, which is taken from your dues payment. In other words, we do not get your full amount! So if it is at all possible for you to pay your dues by check, money order or that good old reliable, never fail, dead President/Statesman portrait bearing,E Pluribus Unum, Masonic world domination conspiracy causing, In God We Trust, CASH, please do.
Speaking of dues cards, everyone should have their permanent dues card. It's silver or gold, if you're a life member, and looks like a credit card. If you never received one or you've lost yours contact me in the office and I will see that you receive one.
Remember, 'permanent' doesn't mean you do not have to pay your dues! Don't pay them, and I will 'permanently' suspend you until you do!
Also, and I get asked this question every year, the term "Assessment" on your dues bill is your dues to the Supreme Council. We are not assessing you for anything! Just as your Lodge must pay dues to the Grand Lodge for you, we must do the same for the Supreme Council. Our base dues are still $60, which any active member worth his salt (sorry that's the Sailor in me) will tell you, you get that back and so much more! So, your total payment should be $87. If you do not pay the $27 "assessment," I will be forced to suspend you. YES, EVEN if you paid the $60 to the Valley!
As always make your check payable to "Scottish Rite Bodies" not, "Valley of Philadelphia," or "Masonic Temple." Yes, someone does that.
Now for those of you that were the first line signer for 3 or more INITIATED candidates this past year, yes, your dues are FREE. BUT, I need some assistance from you. Return your dues bill to me with "Membership Builder" written on it. Yes, I still need your bill too! And, yes your Candidates must have been a member of either the Fall 2013 or the Spring 2014 Class in order for your dues to be FREE.
We have 5 days remaining in our Almoner Fund t-shirt sale. We must sell 50 shirts (more are always welcome of course!) to make this campaign a success. So far we've sold 42 shirts. 

Did you order one yet? If you haven't, please do! Click on over to, Valley of Philadelphia Almoner Fund and join the team!

Have a great day everyone!

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