Saturday, August 1, 2015

Good Morning Everyone! It's Picnic Day!
This is a ticketed event; which means,
A. If you do not have a ticket, please do not just show up.
B. Having a ticket means you're in the count and that there will be food available for you.
C. Just showing up and sitting down to eat means, you've taken from a Brother who reserved before the final count went in; and that wouldn't be of a Masonic character.
For those of you that have never been there before, Canstatter's picnic grove is shaded in most of the tabled area. Be sure to bring a table cloth unless you don't mind being on the bare wood.
Beer and mixed drinks are sold on sight. Please do not bring a cooler with your own, it is prohibited. And, no, these items are not included in your ticket price.
If you're bringing a Master Mason guest, please be sure to introduce him to myself or Bro. Dan Scheetz so that we can be sure that he is part of our 'short' Scottish Rite Membership Program.
If you ordered tickets and are paying for them at the event. Please see me upon arrival.
Your lawn chairs are welcome.
The Rainbow and DeMolay folks will be running games and activities throughout the day, Participate and have fun. Be sure to thank them for doing this for us. That small gesture goes a very long way,
Other than all of the above, have a great time and we'll see you there!

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