Friday, October 16, 2015

Good Morning Everyone and Welcome to our Fall Reunion!
Yes, everything starts this evening with the Fall Special Communication of Philadelphia Lodge of Perfection.
We have 47 petitions for this Class, the "Honor Our Veterans Class."
Everything starts with dinner in the Grand Banquet Room at 6PM, if you do not have a reservation for dinner, we are FULL. I called in to the Caterer yesterday to reconfirm our count of 200 people. Yep, we have that many. I won't get into how many called after the deadline, but it was more than a few. Thankfully the Caterer gives us 'some' wiggle room.
Good Luck to our 4°, 14° and 31° Casts. All your hard work will be on display this evening. Thanks to all of you for your dedication and service to our Valley!
This evening will be Illl. Cliff Hutchens' swan song as Degree Master of the 14°. Thank you Illustrious Bro. Cliff for your many years of service to the Valley. The pride and commitment to excellence that you've instilled in the Lodge of Perfection line shows in the work performed on the floor.
Best wishes to our Thrice Potent Master, Bro. Douglass Hocker and the Officers of our Lodge of Perfection.
Best wishes to our Valley Brethren from Thomson Lodge No. 340 who will present the new 31°, 'My Brother's Keeper' this evening. Special thanks go out to Bro. Frank J Lorine for all his work in putting this Cast together and all the Brothers who volunteered. I believe we are in for a great show tonight Brethren!
Thanks again to all of the Brethren that volunteered to be a part of our 4° Cast for this Reunion. It seems to be a task putting the Cast together each Reunion for this Degree, but we never fail to have a group of Brethren step up to be a part. Thank you to Bro. Brian Skoff for his dedication in keeping this together every time.
Thank you again to all of our Valley Ladies, who are coming out to support our Valley. Enjoy the Laura Amoroso Show tonight. . .you're getting very sleepy.. . sleepy. . .sleepy. . .What? No, you weren't acting like a chicken. Not at all.
See you tonight!

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