Monday, December 7, 2015

Dear Brethren and Friends:

Good morning everyone and welcome to Monday.
This Wednesday night, 9 December, at 7PM in Gothic Hall, our 32° holds its first rehearsal in advance of the presentation at our 18 December, Special Rendezvous.
Parking for the rehearsal is the Convention Center Parking Facility, 1324 Arch Street and as always the dress code for the Temple is jacket and tie.
Don't forget, this Thursday is our Dinner Reservation Deadline for next Friday's dinner. If you haven't called in, emailed, or clicked "Going" yet (our Facebook group members know what that means), lets get it done soon!
Last week I sent out a letter to all those Candidates that I have not heard from yet in regards to our Reunion's final night. I copied that letter to the Mentors as well. This is the first time that we are using Mentors and so far it seems to be successful. To all of our Mentors, Thank You!
Yeah I know, you're celebrating Hanukkah or Christmas shopping, but I have to remind you about our upcoming BIG night in the Valley; our Valentine's Dinner and Dance, on Saturday, 13 February at the Canstatter. This is going to be a fantastic event that you most definitely do not want to miss! $50 per person gets you a delicious meal, 4 hour open bar and live music to dance the night away. Don't miss this!
Our Valley Hospitaler, Bro. Norman Greene, 32° MSA is fully recovered from his two eye surgeries and he is back to full service form in his role and he has asked me to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers. If you know of any Valley members in distress, please let myself or Bro. Norm know. We are fully committed to the Supreme Council's mission statement: "We will strive to be a fraternity that fulfills our Masonic Obligation to care for our members."
Have a great Monday everyone and an even better week ahead!

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