Thursday, January 21, 2016

What's Happening?

Good Morning everyone and welcome to Thursday! I know you're busy getting your bread, milk and TP in advance of the approaching storm, so I won't keep you too long. . .
As you know our Spring Reunion begins NEXT MONTH. Yes you read that right, our Reunion begins on Friday, February 19, 2016. No, I'm not kidding. Four of the five Casts have their scripts and are learning their parts as I type this. Well, in between the all important bread, milk and tp shopping that is, but they're doing it. We're getting ready. BUT, yes, there it is the ever dreaded, but. But, we need some help from YOU. Yes, you!
We currently have 10 Candidates for the Class. Not bad, but we can do better. Please everyone. Take a minute and think of a Brother you know not to be a Scottish Rite Mason. Won't you talk with him? It only takes a few minutes of your time to tell him all about YOUR Valley and how much YOU enjoy being a Scottish Rite Mason. Tell him about how our Degrees have enlightened you and have improved your outlook on life. Tell him about the euphoric feeling you have after attending one of our Reunions. Tell him about all the new and truly great friends you've made through the Valley. Tell him about the great time you had last Summer at Seven Springs (if you were there of course) when you attended the PA COD Annual Convocation. Tell him about how Scottish Rite fulfills our Masonic obligation to care for our members. Tell him all that and anything you can think of! Get a Candidate!
You don't just have to talk to that new member of the Lodge either. There are many Brothers who've been Masons for years, decades even, that have never gone no farther than the Lodge. Speaking from personal experience, when we get one of those Brothers in the Valley they always remark how much they enjoyed their experience as a Candidate and how they wished that they would have joined years ago. Don't let regret befall your old Lodge Brother, tell him about what's out there waiting for him to explore! Get a Candidate!
While we're on the subject of our Spring Class and Candidates, we're still looking for Mentors. If you're interested please let us know. Ill. Jeffrey Greene, 33°, our First Lt. Commander is looking for Brothers to add to the team.
As you know, our Scottish Rite fraternity has a charity and that charity is the Children's Dyslexia Centers. We have one here in the region, started by this Valley, at the Philadelphia Academy Charter High School, 1700 Tomlinson Road, in NE Philadelphia. The Center does wonderful work teaching kids affected by Dyslexia to read and succeed. But, it costs money to perform this miracle. The Center Board of Governors raises money through various projects and they have one coming up on Friday, February 5th and it's a "Designer Bag Bingo Night." It is exactly what it sounds like, you play bingo, and you can win a handbag, all while helping the Center help the kids.  If you are able and available, go on out and support this event. My Mrs. will be there, just like she is every time they have it. I hope she wins this year. The whining, the whimpering, but that's another story.
Hey, don't forget our Valentines Dinner and Dance on Saturday night, February 13th at the Canstatter. This was an event that used to be hosted annually by our former Bucks County Scottish Rite Club. It was held at the Buck Hotel and we used to have a very crowded room full of Valley Members not only from Bucks County; but, Philadelphia, Delco and Montgomery Counties as well. It was always a great night and was 'THE' event of the Valley's year.
So, we've brought it back. But so far surprisingly, it's not doing too well. We may have to cancel it and that is very dismaying. If you've responded on our event page and haven't sent in your money yet, please do. We have about two weeks remaining to the deadline and if we don't get our numbers up this past formerly very popular and successful Valley event will just pass quietly away.
It looks and sounds to be a great night. We have a four hour open bar, a delicious buffet dinner and LIVE music to entertain you. Not to mention you'll be surrounded by the very BEST Scottish Rite Masons and their Ladies in the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. It's $50 per person to go which is a bargain for the Saturday night before Valentine's Day believe me.
Come on. Ask your wife. Ladies tell your husband. You don't want to miss this and if we have to cancel, it could impact planning of future social events in our Valley. That would be a shame. I always enjoying socializing with the Brethren and Ladies of this Valley and I know you probably do too. Any questions, give me a call in the Valley Office at 215-563-1814.
If haven't noticed yet, our Annual Officers Training Conference is scheduled a bit earlier than usual this year. It's happening on Saturday, April 9, 2016 at the Jenkintown Masonic Temple, 443 Old York Road. The Conference is open to ANY Valley member who interested in getting more active and involved in the Valley. Don't have a job or role in the Valley right now? Come to the Conference, you'll go home with one if you want one!  There will be a registration form in the February DOUBLE EAGLE.
Our Family Life Chairman, Ill. James Rae, 33° MSA is always looking for great ideas for programs for you and the family. And, his Spring offering is no exception.
The musical '1776' playing at the Media Theater, 104 E. State Street, Media, PA. Our show is scheduled for Saturday, May 14, 2016 at 2PM. Tickets are only $15 per person. There was a flyer in the December DOUBLE EAGLE and there will be one in the February, March and April issues too.
Hey, don't forget our Commander-in-Chief's trip to Niagara Falls and Toronto this August! Don't have vacation plans yet? This just might be the trip you want to do! Check your latest DOUBLE EAGLE or the very next one for the flyer.
Well, I know you're busy, so I'll close for now. PLEASE give our Valentine's party some thought. Get a Candidate. Have a great Thursday. And remember bend at the knees and take frequent breaks, while shoveling!

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