Sunday, April 3, 2016

Brethren Please Take Notice: 
I spoke with Amy, the Temple Caterer on Friday when she called to get our count. I gave her the number I have right now, but told her I would call her back on first thing Tuesday morning as our deadline is Monday. She told me at that time that I would have to call her Monday morning as she cannot go past Monday afternoon with the staffing service she uses to get people to serve the tables.
So, if you haven't called in to 215-563-1814, clicked 'Going' (for our Facebook group members) or sent an email reservation in to yet for Friday's dinner, please do so NOW.
Unfortunately, I will have to call her in the morning with what will be our final count. As per our Commander-in-Chief's directive, if you do not have a reserved ticket we will turn you away from dinner.
The clock is ticking, get your reservation in today. Please pass the word. After I call Amy in the morning, I will accept no more reservations.
Thank you both your understanding and your cooperation.

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