Monday, May 9, 2016

Good Morning everyone!
I don't know about you, but I am sure happy to see the sunshine this morning. I read once that prolonged exposure to cold, cloudy skies and rain can lead to depression. I never took much stock in that but after last week's gray day after gray day, seeing the sunshine this morning, I have to admit, I feel a bit more optimistic. So who knows?
This coming Thursday, 12 May, is the reservation deadline for our Annual Meeting, next Friday, 20 May. Yes, it's almost here. To those of you that have made your reservations, Thank you! To those that haven't but plan to attend the meeting, lets get them in soon.
To our Spring Class mentors, have you checked with your charges yet to see if they're coming to the Annual? This is their first 'official' meeting as a 32° Mason and attendance at the Annual might foster the attitude of being an active attendee at future Valley functions. Not to mention as a new Scottish Rite Mason and Valley member, this is a great opportunity for them to observe and learn how our Valley conducts its election, installation and budget approval. Encourage active involvement. Get them started off right. Call him/them. Get them out to the Annual.
To those elected and appointed Officer Candidates, the uniform of the day for the Annual Meeting is tuxedo (short coat) or dark suit for those that do not have a tux. Guards (14°), Satraps (16°) and Acolytes (18°), will join their respective lines for the installation ceremony.
Your wife, lady or significant other will be welcomed into Gothic Hall to witness your installation, as will any friend you wish to bring along. Just remember, they'll need a dinner reservation!
I've had a number of questions regarding the tickets for this Saturday's Family Life event, '1776' at the Media Theater. We hadn't received the tickets, which is why you haven't received yours yet. Our Family Life Chairman, Ill. James Rae, 33° MSA had the tickets mailed to his home this weekend. He's dropping them off to me this morning and they will go into the mail as soon as I receive them. I've had a few requests for aisle seats. I do not have a seating chart for the theater, and as such I have no way of knowing what seats you'll receive. Thank you to all who purchased tickets for your continued support of our Family Life activities.
While I'm on the subject of family activities, don't forget our Annual Valley Family Summer Picnic in the picnic grove at Cannstatter's, 9130 Academy Road in NE Philadelphia. This year's picnic happens on Saturday, 30 July. The cost per person is $15 (ages 13 and up) and $10 (for 12 and under) . Lunch and Dinner will be served. The event runs from 12PM until 5PM and there will games and activities for all to enjoy all day. Tickets are available NOW and we have plenty. Also, your Master Mason friends (non-Scottish Rite) are welcome to come for FREE! No tickets will be available the day of the picnic. They must be purchased in advance. Get yours soon!
Our Fall 2016 Class has been named in honor of our Right Worshipful Grand Master, Ill. Raymond T. Dietz, 33°. This Class will receive their work as part of the One Day Masonic Journey at LuLu Shriners on Saturday, 29 October. We've waived our initiation fee for this Clas, which means your Candidate will be able to become a Scottish Rite Mason for the cost of our dues only, $99.
I've had a few Brethren volunteer to be a part of the team at LuLu that day. We have a full group, but no doubt our Membership Committee will be looking for mentors for this expected large Class. Stay tuned for calls for volunteers for that most important role.
We will welcome our Fall Class members here to the Temple on Friday, 11 November at which time Philadelphia Lodge of Perfection and Kilwinning Chapter of Rose Croix, will present their signature Degrees. The Right Worshipful Grand Master will be with us that evening as well.
Spread the word. Get a Candidate.
Well, Jim just arrived with the '1776' tickets. I'd better get them in the mail.
Have a great Monday everyone and an even better week ahead!

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