Thursday, October 6, 2016

Scottish Rite Day Reservations Closed

Dear Brethren: 

Just to let everyone know we've cut off accepting reservations to the Scottish Rite Day event.
The Commander-in-Chief expressed concern with the way reservations were being made that there wouldn't be seats for any of our new Brethren that will become Scottish Rite Masons through the One Day Masonic Journey; and while National Scottish Rite Day does belong to all Scottish Rite Masons across the country, the Candidates are the focus of the event and we have to provide opportunity for them to attend.
I'm sorry that we cannot accommodate everyone. Thank you all for your continued interest and participation in our Valley and its programs.
Don't forget our 'Christmas in Hershey Family Life Event, ' tickets are in! Also, be sure to get your check in for the Valley's Annual Holiday Party happening on Saturday, 17 December at the Heritage Ballroom in Holmes, PA. That's going to be a very fun evening!

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