Monday, September 1, 2014

Dear Brethren and Friends:

Welcome to September. I hope everyone had a great Summer and are now enjoying this Holiday weekend with your families and friends.
The young folks will be returning to school is coming week. Please bear that thought in mind when you're out behind the wheel. Sometimes they forget to look both ways. For all our Valley of Philadelphia kids returning to reading, writing and arithmetic, we wish you a successful year and for my fellow Valley parents out there, don't worry, I forgot all the rules of algebra too. . .
September for the Brethren also means the return to the labors of our Lodges, York Rite Bodies and others, please remember our Valley in your discussions especially with your non-Scottish Rite Brethren, Companions, Illustrious Companions, Fraters, etc. We have a Fall Class to fill and you are their REPRESENTATIVE for Scottish Rite!
Speaking of our Fall Reunion, tomorrow evening is our 4th Degree Cast Kick-off meeting. It begins at 7PM in Gothic Hall. The dress code is business suit or coat and tie. Parking is in the Convention Center garage, 1324 Arch Street. This is the ONLY garage that we will pay for your parking in!
At the meeting we will hand out parts and go over everything we need to guarantee a successful conferral.
I want to personally thank everyone of you who responded to our call for help last week. We couldn't present this Degree by a Valley Cast if not for you. Your dedication to our Valley and the Candidates of our Fall Class is very much appreciated.
Our Associate Membership Coordinator, Bro. Dan Scheetz, 32 1/2 has a few "Scottish Rite Nights" coming up at local Lodges this month, and if you're able and available, I'm sure Bro. Dan would love to see you at; Hermann-Humboldt Lodge No. 125 at the Masonic Temple in Warminster on Wednesday, September 10th, at Jerusalem Lodge No. 506 at the Tacony Masonic Temple on Thursday, September 11th, or at Concordia Lodge No. 67 at the Masonic Temple in Jenkintown on Thursday, September 18th. Bro. Dan and his associate, Bro. Yasser Al-Khatib have done great work in presenting our Valley to local Brethren. If you can make it out to one of these evenings, be there!
Speaking of Dan and Yasser, they will represent our Valley at the Supreme Council's Membership Conference this month in Chicago. Safe travels guys and Thank You for agreeing to be there!
Our Fall Reunion begins on Friday, October 17th, that evening we will present the 4th, 6th, and 23rd Degrees. The 6th Degree, 'Master of the Brazen Serpent,' has a great story to tell. Also this Degree will mark the directorial debut of Ill. John 'Doc' Wagner, 33! Doc, having just completed his term as Most Wise Master was looking for a new challenge and I believe he's found it. Good luck Ill. Bro. John and all the Cast members. The 23 Degree, 'Knight of Valor' also has an exciting as well as true historic story to tell. And this will be an historic conferral as for only the second time in our Valley's recent history will we have a Cast made up of Valley Brethren who are also members of the same Lodge! The Brethren comprising this Cast are all from Jerusalem Lodge No. 506. As we wish them well, let each of us look to our own Lodges and see if we can't do this with more Casts. Imagine the possibilities! Congratulations go out to Ill.Cliff Hutchens, 33 MSA on making this happen with the Jerusalem Brethren.
Our Fall Reunion will conclude on Friday, November 21st. That evening we will present the new 32nd Degree for the very first time in the Valley of Philadelphia. For our Passporters this Degree will count for the both the 31st and 32nd Degree. But, that being said, quite possibly the next time we put it on it will count for the 32nd only. The Supreme Council is working on a new 31st Degree to be known as, "My Brother's Keeper." I'm sure once that ritual becomes available, it will find its way on to our Degree schedule.
Remember, once our Reunion ends that doesn't mean our Fall activities have ended.
Our Family Life Chairman, Ill. Jim Rae, 33 MSA has booked two opportunities for you and your family to enjoy the musical, "Les Miserables" at the Media Theater! The shows are scheduled for Saturday, December 6 at 7PM and Saturday, December 13th at 2PM. Tickets are only $20 per person and available by sending your check made payable to 'Scottish Rite Bodies' to the Scottish Rite Office, Masonic Temple, One North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107-2520. Tickets must be purchased in advance!
Our Fall activities come to end on Friday, December 19th at the Lazaretto Ballroom in Essington, when we celebrate the season at our Valley's Holiday Party! Plan now to join us for an enjoyable evening of fellowship, food and fun! Leave your checkbook home, there won't be any auctions or fund raisers happening. This evening is just for you! Tickets are $35 per person. Beat the Holiday rush by sending your check made payable to 'Scottish Rite Bodies' now to the Scottish Rite Office, Masonic Temple, One North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107-2520. Tickets will not be available at the door for this event, so be sure to act now!
Before I sign off, if you're not currently involved in the Valley, but would like to be, give me a call in the Office (215-563-1814) tomorrow and lets see where we can get you started. I GUARANTEE, you'll love it!
Have a great Labor Day everyone!

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