Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dear Brethren and Friends:

Good Morning and Welcome to Wednesday!
6th and 23rd Casts rehearse this evening. The 6th Cast comes in at 6PM and the 23rd Cast starts at 7:30PM in Gothic Hall. Remember the dress code for the Masonic Temple is coat and tie, and parking is at the Convention Center Parking Facility, 1324 Arch Street.
To those two teams, have a great rehearsal. We're all looking forward to your presentations, next Friday night!
Do I have your dinner reservation yet? If not please call today! 215-563-1814.

Got an interesting email from Supreme Council this morning, and they've asked me share the information with you.
With the launch of the new Scottish Rite website, they are starting a campaign promoting the fraternity with the phrase "A Friend in Every Town." The idea goes back to the very beginnings of our organization - a network of like-minded people that you can find anywhere you go.
To highlight this they want to put very short bios of members across the Jurisdiction in the system that will pop up randomly on the Supreme Council web site. They hope to promote the idea that, through our Brotherhood, we are connected to someone in every community. They are looking for willing participants to give us their names (or even nicknames), local Lodge, Valley, and if you would like, a one or two sentence bio of their professions or interests.
I did it. If you want to do the same, please visit:

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