Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Dear Brethren and Friends:

Welcome to October everyone!
Our Fall Reunion kicks off on Friday, October 24, 2014. Don't forget that date change! If you show up on Friday, the 17th they probably won't let you in the building!
As of today, right now, this minute, we have 26 Candidates for the Fall or "Ill. Raymond G. Brown, 33, Past Commander-in-Chief Class."
20 of those are Petitioners to this Class and 6 are No-Shows from previous Classes. Usually I give a No-Show three Classes to present themselves before declaring their petition null and void. All 6 of these Brethren are on their third invite now. If they do not attend on Friday, 24 October, they're out. I'll never understand someone who can write a check for $150 and just let us have it for free. I'll never understand that, but I'm thankful for the money! That's right. It's right there on our petition; "Funds Not Returned After One Year."
So with our meeting date being kicked back a week, this means both our Dinner Reservation Deadline and our Petition Deadline have changed as well. Instead of Friday, 10 October they are now, Friday, 17 October.
Have a great month everyone!

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