Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dear Brethren and Friends:

For Friday's Annual Meeting, all Elected and Appointed Officers, this includes those Brethren standing for appointment as Guards (14°) Satraps (16°) and Acolytes (18°) should be in tuxedo (short coat). The Officers for Election and Appointment in the Consistory (32°) line should be in tails with white vest and tie.
After dinner you should report to the Ill. Carl D. Homan, 33° Complex on the fourth floor to get the appropriate collar or sash (18°) and apron for your line. Candidates for Guards, Satraps and Acolytes are welcome and encouraged to wear the appropriate regalia for your line; however, we ask that you wait until the current Elected and Appointed Officers are in their regalia before putting any on, just be sure we have enough for the line. Even if you do not have the regalia on you will still be installed to office and will muster with your line when your name is called during the installation ceremony.
Gold Officer caps should be worn as well and they are also available in the Complex. 33°'s and MSA's will wear their appropriate cap,
The Honor Guard will be required for this meeting as our Active, Ill Robert J. Bateman, 33°, RWPGM will be in attendance and will be received. Honor Guard members should be in tuxedo with a gold officers cap or white 33° or red MSA if applicable.
After dinner Honor Guard members should report to Ill. Philip J. Janusz, 33° MSA in Gothic Hall for rehearsal of duties.
Any questions or comments or concerns? Please ask.

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