Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Our 2018 Dues Billing

Dear Brethren and friends:

Good afternoon everyone,
I just ordered the printing of our 2018 dues bills. Now I know a few of you are wondering why would I order 2018 bills in June of 2017?
Our fiscal year begins on 1 August in the Scottish Rite, so essentially 1 August is new year's day in the Valley of Philadelphia.

Once Supreme Council runs our dues bills they will mail your bill to you. When you receive your bill and remit your payment, please be sure to include your bill with your check for payment. If you do electronic banking, you cannot send your bill along and that is understandable and is fine. Please wait until you actually receive your bill before paying your dues!
We currently do not accept credit cards in the Valley, however, you may pay your dues by credit card through the Supreme Council's web site ( But, please be advised, when you pay your dues in that manner, they deduct the banking charge from your payment. They will credit your record that you paid your dues in full, but we will receive less than that amount. Please consider that.
Supreme Council recently relaxed a rule in the Constitution that required Valley's to hold a non paid member for two years prior to suspending them for non payment of dues. This new 'policy' says that if the Valley has in its by-laws that it will suspend after one year, they may. Well, as you might recall this past Friday, we adopted a new full code of by-laws and one of the amendments to those by-laws is that those members who haven't paid their dues for the year will be suspended at the end of the year. To clarify, if your 2018 dues are not paid by our May 2018 meeting, you will be suspended.
On behalf of the Commander-in-Chief and the other Officers of the Valley, I want to thank you in advance for your payment of dues and for your continued interest and participation in our Valley.
If anyone is having trouble paying their dues and wishes to remain a member of the Valley, please do not hesitate to call me in the Valley Office at 215-563-1814 and we will discuss options to help you remain a member of the Valley.

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