Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dear Brethren and Friends:

Good Morning and Happy Day Before SNOWMAGEDDON!

Philadelphia Region Master Masons: Our Spring Class, (yes this Monster Winter we're having will end eventually), begins on Friday, March 21, 2014.

Our Right Worshipful Grand Master, Ill. Robert J. Bateman, 33, who is also a member of the Valley of Philadelphia, is our Class Honoree.

There is still time for you to become a member of this honored Class. Call 215-563-1814 for petition information, Today!

Our Membership Team, also known as "Bro. Dan" visits Newtown Lodge No. 427 at the Masonic Temple in Woodside this evening.

If you're able, available and in the area, why not stop on by and support our Brother and our Valley?
 Hey, don't look know but our Almoner Fund T-Shirt Campaign is chugging along. We've sold 37 shirts on our way to our goal of 50+. To those that have purchased a shirt, thank you for supporting our campaign and for supporting those Valley Brethren and their families who may one day need the assistance of our Almoner Fund.

To those that haven't ordered a shirt yet, why not head on over to and order yours?

I just know there's going to be that one guy who will come up to me at the Valley's annual Family Day Picnic at the Riversharks, amidst a sea of Brethren wearing their shirts, and he will say, "Can I still get one?" or "Are you going to sell those again?" and I will have to look him and sadly shake my head, no. Don't be that guy! Get your shirt today. Our campaign ends on Sunday, 16 February if we don't reach 50, we'll sell zero shirts and make zero money for our Almoner Fund!

There's another way to support our Valley too and that is with a Candidate! Do you have one yet? The clock is ticking. We have 16 Candidates for the Class, we can do way better. We've done that.

Well, I have a train to catch so I better get ready. SNOWMAGEDDON is on its way, get the bread, the milk, the tp, the rock salt and don't forget that LIFE SAVING, well yours anyway, VALENTINES GIFT!

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