Monday, February 3, 2014

Dear Brethren and Friends:

Well, I don't know what it's doing where you are but, here in Glenside it's been snowing for quite a while and we have lots of heavy wet snow on the ground and it's coming down fast and serious! See what I did there? I avoided that whole copyright infringement thing! Even on a Super Bowl Monday! Or should that be a 'Super Blowout Monday?'

Last night I received word from Valley Brother and Associate Membership Coordinator,
Dan Scheetz, that this evening's "Scottish Rite Night" at West Chester Lodge No. 322 has been postponed until this date next month. If you had planned to visit along with Bro. Dan this evening, get this new date on your calendar. Of course I will post a reminder on this page next month.

Following the old policy, if the publics and parochials are closed, so is the Valley office today.

Take it easy if you have to go out. The talking heads are calling this a 'heart attack snow' which means, because it is wet and heavy shoveling can be hazardous. Please take your time shoveling, push it, don't lift it, take frequent breaks, or pay that kid down the street. Yes, I'm talking to YOU, Bro. Rich Jones, MSA!

Okay winter, give us a break already!

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