Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dear Brethren and Friends:

Last Fall as we were building the Class, I used to post each day on the Valley's Facebook group page, the count of Candidates that we had.

Some Brethren have told me that my postings spurred them on to go and get a Candidate or two and overall sparked enthusiasm going into the Reunion.

So, what worked once. . ....

As of today, Tuesday, 25 February 2014, we currently have 23 Candidates.

Now, along with my postings we had a few Brethren make BOLD PREDICTIONS as to who many we would get.

Do we have any Bold Predictors this time?  Lets hear them!

If you haven't gotten a Candidate, do you have someone in mind? Have you spoke with him yet? You're waiting on, what exactly?

Perhaps a little competition between the Lodges might help. Nothing gets the Brethren motivated better than defending their Lodge's honor. Here are the counts right now:

Lodges No. 115 & 529 both have 4 candidates in the Class although a few of them in both Lodges are 'no-shows' from last time.

Lodges No. 67 & 767 both have three candidates. I expect big numbers from Lodge No. 767, the Grand Master's Lodge and he is the honoree. Pride is at stake there. 

Lodges 59, 125, 126, 211, 400, 482, 591, 620 and 776 are log-jammed with 1 a piece.  
Is your Lodge listed?

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