Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dear Brethren and Friends:

Good Morning and Great Tuesday everyone!

It's April Fools day and I'm not fooling around when I tell you that although many of you have called in your dinner reservations, and thank you for that, you have until this Friday to get it done! HEY! You. Yes, you. Did you call in yet?

Speaking of calling in, did you register yet for the Annual "You don't have to be an Officer," Officer's Training Conference, yet? That's right you don't have to be an Officer, or a Committee member ...to attend. No. You don't. Any Valley member can attend!
It's on Saturday, 26 April at the Jenkintown Masonic Temple, 443 Old York Road. The doors open at 7AM, for coffee, donuts and that all important Masonic fellowship. The Conference begins at 8:30 and will conclude at noon. That's right. A half day! Dress code is business casual.

The Valley's Officer Selection Committee takes notice of who attends. If you're planning to get involved in the Valley, or go through one of our Lines, you do not want to miss the Conference! Call 215-563-1814 .

It's going to be 60 today. Get out and enjoy it if you can. Spring has arrived!

Have a great day everyone!

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