Monday, April 7, 2014

Dear Brethren and Friends:

Good Morning and Good Monday everyone!

I called our final count into the Caterer on Friday, which means, our dinner reservations are now, CLOSED.

Now, what does that mean? Does that mean if you didn't make a reservation you can't come on Friday night? No, it doesn't. You are of course welcome to attend meeting. Dinner on the other hand is something you will have to do at home or at a favorite local eatery. But of course, if you're thinking of coming down and joining us for the honoring of our Illustrious Valley Brother and Right Worshipful Grand Master, Robert J. Bateman, 33, by all means come on down.

While on the subject of reservations and attendance of things, if you haven't registered to attend our Officer's Training and or our Annual Memorial Service, please do so soon. If you are interested and having any questions about either of those events, by all means, give me a call at 215-563-1814. I am very happy to answer any and all questions.

If you bought tickets for our Family Day at the Riversharks and haven't received your tickets yet, don't worry. They'll be going out soon. We haven't received them from the team yet, but as soon as they come in, they're in the mail and on their way to you. Do you have your order in yet? This annual Valley event is always a great day and you don't want to miss it. We always seem to have nice weather for it too. You know why that is don't you? Come on, I say it all the time, God Loves the Scottish Rite! Get your order in soon. Please note, no tickets for our picnic will be available at the game.

Our 32nd Degree Cast rehearses this Wednesday night at 7PM in Gothic Hall. If you're in the Cast, Ill. Bro. Daniel Martin, 33 is looking forward to seeing you there. Dan tells me he had more than a few MIA's last week. Don't miss it this week! With both the RWGM and our Illustrious Deputy coming, this rehearsal is muy importante! And you thought I could only order a beer in Spanish. . .

Have a great day everyone and an even better week ahead!

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