Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dear Brethren and Friends:

Welcome to the morning after the close of our Spring Reunion!
I'd have to say all in all our Reunion was a great success. We have a large group of new Sublime Princes and hopefully they've been inspired by their experience and will become active members among us.
I too want to echo the thoughts of our Class Honoree, Ill. Robert J. Bateman, 33, RWGM, who said, "You saw the best Degree work. I know, because this is my Valley!" Couldn't agree more Grand Master!
But now that our Reunion has concluded, does that mean we're done? No. Far from it. We have four more events before the summer break.
1. The Annual Officer's Training Conference: No you don't have to be an Officer to attend! This happens on Saturday, April 26th at the Jenkintown Masonic Temple, 443 Old York Road. The doors open at 7AM. We'll have coffee, donuts and fellowship until the Conference starts at 8:30. As usual our Conference Facilitators will provide everything you need to know to serve our Valley. Business casual dress. This is a great place to get started being an active part of Pennsylvania Freemasonry's Best Kept Secret! Our Officers Training has been called the best Valley offered leadership training in the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. Elected and Appointed Officers and those who will enter one of the lines this year, are expected to be in attendance. Valley Committee members should plan to attend, and of course ANY Valley member who wishes to become more involved or are just interested in learning what it takes to be involved, are WELCOME and ENCOURAGED to attend. Please know that our Officers Selection Committee takes note of who attends this Conference, so if you wish to become an Officer one day, this is a great way to get noticed! But, you need to register. Please call 215-563-1814 to do that. Hope to see you there!
2. The Valley's Annual Memorial Service, happens on Sunday, April 27th at Gloria Dei (Old Swede's Church) at Columbus Blvd and Christian Street in S. Philadelphia. The service begins at 3PM and a complimentary meal will be served in the Church's social hall afterwards. The Service is open to all faiths. It is conducted by our Valley Prior, Illustrious and The Reverend William D. Hartman, 33 and the Officers of Kilwinning Chapter of Rose Croix. You and your family are encouraged to attend. But, you must have a reservation. We cannot and will not guarantee you a dinner if you do not have a reservation. Please call 215-563-1814 on or before 17 April to do that. Hope to see you and your family there!
3. On Sunday, May 4th, the Valley will again return to Campbell's Field in Camden, NJ for our Annual Valley Family Day at the Riversharks. Tickets are now available. The cost per person is: $15 for those 13 and up and $7 for those 12 and below. Your tickets get you 2 1/2 hours of food under the picnic tent, plus some great Atlantic League Baseball action! We've sold this event out the last 4 years. Don't miss out. Send your check, made payable to "Scottish Rite Bodies," to the Scottish Rite Office, Masonic Temple, One North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107-2520 today! For those that purchased tickets already, they'll be on their way to you starting Monday. Hope to see you and your family there!
4. Friday, May 16th is the MOST IMPORTANT night of the Valley's year. Why? Because it is our Annual Meeting! This is the night we approve our budget for the 2015 Scottish Rite year, which for all your newbies, begins on August 1, 2014, and elect those Officers, that will serve Philadelphia Lodge of Perfection, DeJoinville Council Princes of Jerusalem and Kilwinning Chapter of Rose Croix. We will also elect and install two At-Large Members of the Executive Committee and one Trustee. After that happens we will close the meeting and welcome the Ladies and other Guests into Gothic Hall for the remainder of the evening, in which we will hold the installation of our new Officers, recognize our 50+ year members, present the Past Thrice Potent Master's, Past Sovereign Prince's and Past Most Wise Master's jewels to Bros. Gerry Sealy, Jeff Lees, MSA, and Ill. John Wagner,respectively. If available, we will also present the Abbott Scottish Rite Scholarship checks to our Valley's 2014 recipients. Dinner reservations for the Annual Meeting are a must. Call 215-563-1814 to make yours! Hope to see you there.
So there you have it. We're far from being 'done.'
Have a great weekend everyone and an even better week ahead!

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