Monday, May 19, 2014

Dear Brethren and Friends:

Good morning and Good Monday everyone! Oh Happy Anniversary too!

Yes, today, May 19th is the 148th Birthday of Philadelphia Lodge of Perfection, DeJoinville Council Princes of Jerusalem and Kilwinning Chapter of Rose Croix! Our Consistory, Benjamin Franklin, didn't come along until 1946. The Valley did have a Consistory prior to that. Philadelphia Consistory had to return it's warrant to the Supreme Council during the Second World War.
So our Annual Meeting has come and gone, we have a new Thrice Potent Master, a new Sovereign Prince, and a new Most Wise Master as well new officers in the lines of our Lodge of Perfection, Princes of Jerusalem Council and Chapter of Rose Croix. We wish them well in the coming year.
Our new Sovereign Prince, Bro. Tom Wible, MSA, is vacationing in Hawaii and wasn't able to be there Friday night to be installed. Ill. Bud Garvey, our Installation Officer and myself as Secretary (Hey, you got to have minutes!) volunteered to travel to the Aloha State to install our Brother in person, but the other Members of the Executive Committee agreed that Tom could be installed in absentia. So, when he returns and you see him, be sure to congratulate Bro. Tom.
Now, you might ask. what's next? Well, for our elected Officers, past elected Officers. MSA's and 33rd's, it's the Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania Council of Deliberation, this July 12th at the Hershey Lodge and Convention Center. But does that mean, you, a Valley Brother, who does not fall into one of the above categories cannot attend the meeting? Of course it doesn't! You're very welcome to attend, the only difference is as a non Council of Deliberation Member you will not receive the notice. But you can always call me in the Office at 215-563-1814 and I'll be glad to pass that information on to you.
 Have a great Monday everyone and again, Happy Birthday!

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