Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dear Brethren and Friends:

Good Morning and Great Tuesday everyone! That's right. It's Tuesday. I know it feels like a Monday, been there, felt that, but it's Tuesday. You're one day closer to the weekend!
So, how was your holiday weekend? Did you go away? Stay home? Go to a family outing? March with your Lodge in a Memorial Day parade?
Better yet, did you discuss Scottish Rite with a worthy Masonic Brother?

I'll bet you didn't know it, but that is my second Summer project. Yes it is. I plan to let as many Masonic Brothers that are not Scottish Rite Masons know all about our Valley. We have a Fall Class to fill. But, Steve, it's only the week after Memorial Day! We haven't had fireworks, or a beach day yet and you're already talking about, Fall? Yes I am! It's NEVER too early to let a Brother know that you're a Scottish Rite Mason and his DIRECT link to becoming one himself!
Even our Membership Team has a "Scottish Rite Night" coming up on June 12th at Hackenburg-Mt. Moriah Lodge No. 19. No ones sleeping around here!
So like I said, new membership is my second Summer project and I'll be working hard at it. My first? Well, as an amateur web master and Front Page devotee, I plan to learn Wordpress and Drupal this Summer. Never too old to learn something new.
Have a great day, a great TUESDAY everyone!

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