Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dear Brethren and Friends:

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday everyone!
Well, here we are the middle of the week. Two days away from the weekend. It's Spring, the weather's getting warmer. We're heading outdoors and doing things. Life is moving. So it is easy to forget details no matter how major or minor they maybe.
So that's where I come in! Your friendly Valley Secretary and Valley Event Reminder! Okay some of you just said, "Friendly? You?" Yes, me!
Today, as I did yesterday, I want to remind you that this coming Friday is the DEADLINE (insert the virual kettle drum here. Yes, they're back!) for your dinner reservations for the Valley's Annual Meeting, which happens next Friday, 16 May.
Have you called in yet? Have you emailed yet? If you have, thank you. If you haven't. What are you waiting for?
Have a great day everyone! Smile, the weekend is almost here!

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