Friday, November 6, 2015

Dear Brethren and Friends:

Good Morning everyone and welcome to Friday! Yes, you made it.
So what's going on and coming up? Glad you asked!
First off, this coming Monday night, 9 November, the 15° Cast will hold their first rehearsal in preparation for their presentation at the Special Convocation. The rehearsal starts at 7PM in Gothic Hall. Cast members are reminded to park in the Convention Center Parking Facility, 1324 Arch Street; and as always, the dress code for the Masonic Temple is business suit or sport coat and tie.
Just spoke with our Commander-in-Chief, Ill. Clay Melson, 33° MSA and he has informed me that our Valley's First Lady, Linda is Bryn Mawr Hospital.  Lets all keep her in our thoughts and prayers for a full and speedy recovery.
Next Wednesday night, 11 November, our 18° Cast has their first rehearsal in Gothic Hall at 7PM. Parking and dress code rules still apply!
This coming Thursday, 12 November is the deadline for dinner reservations for the Special Convocation and Special Assembly. If you haven't made a reservation yet, get it in now. Avoid the delay and more importantly avoid forgetting! No reservations will be accepted past that date.
Special note to our recommenders and our mentors: Please check with your Candidate/Mentees to see if they've check in yet. As of right now I have a large number of candidates NOT heard from. I send them a letter reminding them to call in upon receipt of the letter, you'd think that would work, but it doesn't always.
Be sure to talk to your lady about coming too. The Ladies welcome former 6ABC consumer reporter Amy Buckman as their very special guest that evening. With the approaching holiday shopping season on the horizon, maybe Amy will have some advice to lower the bruising on your credit card or bank account!
I have to apologize, sort of. I put an order form in the November issue of THE DOUBLE EAGLE for Christmas in Hershey tickets. At the time of preparation we still had tickets; I went to print, then we had a run on tickets. I am now returning checks to those ordering tickets as we are SOLD OUT again. Well, to be completely honest, we're not totally sold out. we have 1 ticket left. If you've ordered tickets previously and need 1 more, give me a call.
Congrats go out to our Family Life Chairman, Ill. James Rae, 33° MSA on another sell out. Yet another great job Bro. Jim in planning a Valley Family Event!
This Sunday evening we say farewell to Valley Brother, Skip Leopold, 32° MSA. The viewing is on Sunday evening, 5 to 7PM at St. Michael's Lutheran Church, 2147 E. Cumberland Street, Philadelphia. There will be a Masonic Service at 7PM.
This is going to be a tough one, not that any of them aren't. Bro. Skip served our Valley from the moment he received his 32°. He was active in the Degree Casts, on our Marshals Committee, Stage Managers, pretty much anywhere he saw a need to get involved. He was also Santa for the kids at the Children's Dyslexia Center each year at their Holiday Party. The Celestial Lodge has received a 'squared away' new Brother.
If you're going, I will see you there.
On Monday morning at 9AM to 10:30AM there will be a viewing and memorial service at the Church and then our Brother and retired United States Navy Chief Petty Officer, Robert 'Skip' Leopold, 32° MSA will be laid to rest at the Washington Crossing National Cemetery. Fair winds and following seas my Brother and Shipmate. Save me a seat in the heavenly mess decks.
Next Friday, our Valley Hospitaler, Bro. Norman Greene, 32° MSA, has surgery to repair the tear in his retina. Norm tells me that following that procedure, his Doctor tells him that he will have better vision and can expect to give up his specs for a single contact lens! Best wishes Bro. Norm on your upcoming procedure. Thoughts and prayers continue.
And finally Congratulations go out to our By-Laws Chairman and one half of the 4° and 32° 'opening act,' Valley Brother, Leonard Altieri, 32° on his big win in Tuesday's elections. Our Brother was a candidate for the Marple Township School Board. Vote early. Vote often. Vote Altieri! First the Marple School Board. Next 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue! Great job Leonard!
Well, that will do it for now. Get your dinner reservation in, if you didn't. If you did, Thank You! Call your Candidate and remind him to get his in. If you did, Thank You! Good luck to our 15° and 18° Casts for great rehearsals! Get Well First Lady, Linda Melson! Good Luck Bro. Norm! God Bless Bro. Skip.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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