Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dear Brethren and Friends:

 I've been ignoring this for awhile but thought I'd better say something.
In the Valley's email each day I receive requests from some of you asking to be added to the "Valley's Linkedin network." We DO NOT have a Linkedin account and we never have. I have no idea how we got posted on Linkedin or why. But please understand that I am not ignoring your requests to 'link' you. I am ignoring the emails from Linkedin; as a matter of fact I've reported them several times as spam.
The Valley, as you know is on Facebook and Twitter (@PhilaScotRite), we have a website and a blog site (, but we are not on Linkedin and as far as I can forecast, we won't be anytime soon.
Thank you for your understanding and I apologize to anyone who sent link requests to our 'account.'
We're still in need of Brethren to volunteer to be mentors for the 2016 Spring Class.
Yes, it's early but, you will need to be trained as to what is expected.
This is a great opportunity for anyone (except the Fall Class mentors that is) to take a starting leadership role in the Valley; and who knows, you'll probably learn something along the way too.
Sign up today by calling 215-563-1814.
They say that 1 is the loneliest number and if that's true we have 1 lonely ticket remaining for Christmas in Hershey. If anyone who previously ordered tickets and needs one more let me know.
For those that missed out, we've got a GREAT Family Life program lined up for Spring 2016: 1776, the Musical at the Media Theater.
The show is scheduled for Saturday, May 14, 2016 at 2PM. Tickets are $15 per person and we have 100 of them! Don't miss this fantastic show, order your tickets NOW!

Missed out on Christmas in Hershey tickets? Don't fret. There's still a GREAT way for you to add some Scottish Rite flavor to your Holiday Season!
Don't forget the Valley's Holiday Party on Saturday, 28 November at the Lazaretto Ballroom in Essington.
Click on the FILES tab above to download a ticket flyer or check the October or November issue of THE DOUBLE EAGLE.
It's going to be a GREAT night! Don't miss it!

Don't forget our BIG VALLEY TRIP!
Next August 27-31, 2016 the Valley of Philadelphia will be traveling to Niagara Falls and Toronto, Ontario, Canada! This is normally the time of the year that Supreme Council would be meeting, and of course our 33° members would be going on that trip. Since Supreme has now moved to biennial sessions, our Commander-in-Chief, thought, "Hey, lets have a Valley trip that EVERY member of the Valley could go on." Great idea!
The package is excellent! This is going to be a spectacular trip! I've shared the flyer outlying the details of the trip for you. PLUS it will appear in every issue of THE DOUBLE EAGLE prior to the date.

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