Monday, November 4, 2013

Dear Brethren and Friends:

Good Morning and welcome to the start of a new week! See what I did there? I avoided the whole, "It's Monday, yuck!" thing.

Today is Monday (yuck!) November 4th, the day before Tuesday, November 5th, which is. . .? Come on shout it out. Don't be shy. Yes, you got it, the November Dinner Reservation Deadline!

That's right if you're planning to attend the Special Assembly & Rendezvous on Friday, November 15th, and plan to have dinner with the Valley, you MUST have your dinner reservation made by tomorrow. If that doesn't happen, your reasonable $20 dinner becomes, $30! Yes, $30! Per person! Don't let this happen to you. Call 215-563-1814, email to, or (Sorry Web Edition Followers) click, "Going" on the event page, TODAY!

Our 18th and 32nd Degree Casts have their first rehearsal this coming Wednesday. The ball is rolling. The wheels are turning and all those other forward sounding metaphors are happening as we come upon our Special Assembly and Rendezvous.

This will officially end our Fall Reunion. For those that are still in pre-Bookend Concept mode, this means there is no meeting in December. I know a few folks are still confused and that is understandable as this is only our second run in the Bookend.

So, why am I mentioning that? Because it's time to start working on possible Candidates for the Spring 2014 Reunion! This Reunion will be special because we will honor our Valley Brother and the next Right Worshipful Grand Master of Pennsylvania, Illustrious Robert J. Bateman, 33! Lets show Bro. Bob our support by working towards a BIG Class in his honor now!

Have a great week everyone. Get your dinner reservation in, if haven't. If you have, THANK YOU. Check with your Candidate. Did he call in yet?

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