Monday, November 18, 2013

Dear Brethren and Friends:

Good Morning and Happy Monday everyone!

Yes, it is the Monday after the conclusion of our Fall Reunion. The Holiday Season approacheth (Sorry, woke up in a Shakespearean type of mood this morning) and my post-Reunion work has just begun.

But, you know what? Your post Reunion work has just begun as well. What's that? What do I mean by your work? Oh come on now! You didn't really believe that all Scottish Rite was is going to Reunions, watching Degrees, eating delicious meals, enjoying fellowship and seeing my smiling face at the top of steps, did you? Well, I have to agree those are all good things but, NO, that isn't all there is! Far from it.

As we are now, post-Reunion you have a few chores to do as well. First: Candidates. Get one or two or three or how ever many you are able, for the Spring Class. Speaking of which, it will be named in honor of our Illustrious Valley Brother, Past Most Wise Master of Kilwinning Chapter of Rose Croix, current Orator of Benjamin Franklin Consistory and NEXT Right Worshipful Grand Master of Masons in Pennsylvania, Robert J. Bateman, 33! Lets honor Bob with a large Class. To our new members, you were part of a very large Class, if each one of you got one or two Candidates, imagine how large the next Class will be?

Second: If you are not currently involved in our Valley this Spring could be your 'springboard' (Sorry. I had too. It works!) to getting active. We had a number of new Brethren take parts in our Fall Reunion Degree conferrals and we hope and expect that will happen again this coming Spring. So, it's up to you. You have time to mull it over but, seriously, give it some thought. A large or small or even a non-speaking part, once you get started, it can be the beginning of a great new happening in your life. Ask any of our active members how much fun and fulfilling it is to be a part of the 'team.'

Third: I'm leaving this one up to you. What will be your selected chore for your Scottish Rite experience? Only you know. But it might just be an idea that's worth giving a look at! Ask Bro. (Soon to be Illustrious)
Dan Scheetz. He took a membership program idea and built our Spring 2013 Class into an amazing success. Just don't let him talk you into seeing that his seat is fluffed.

To all our newbies: You have nice new name badge and a shiny new jewel. You are the last to receive that jewel too. Sorry but you cannot wear either of those items at your Blue Lodge. Nope. You can't. The ONLY place you can wear them is at a Valley Reunion or if you visit another Valley. So, you know what your next chore can be; getting our Spring dates on your 2014 Calendar NOW. They can be found by visiting

Now I know the next question from our new guys is; "When will I get my dues card?" Our dues cards are run by our governing Body, the Supreme Council, at the headquarters in Lexington, Massachusetts. I will order them this week. In the meantime should you wish to visit another Valley and garner some stamps in the old, well, new, passport, give me a call and I will give the Valley you plan to visit a heads up and you will be welcomed in the most fraternal of manners.

Okay, I believe I've said enough. I have a very busy week ahead. Oh, before I check out, we still have 5 tickets remaining for our "Christmas in Hershey" Family Life event. Want them? Bring or send me a check made payable to "Scottish Rite Bodies" and they're yours. How much? $7.50 per person!

Have a great Monday and even better week ahead!

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