Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dear Brethren and Friends:

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday. Yes, it's snowing but RELAX, it isn't going to stick.

Can you believe our Fall Reunion is over, done, completed, this coming Friday? It is.

Kilwinning Chapter and Benjamin Franklin Consistory, will cap it all off with the 18th and 32nd Degrees. I am sure that they will both perform exemplary work and make us all proud as well as inspire both the Class and our usual gang of sideliners, and of course, Illustrious Brother, Cliff Hutchens.

As we welcome our new Brothers into our Valley as Sublime Princes, we hope that they will become active and participating Scottish Rite Masons among us. As always opportunity to become involved is always there, but this Class has the very unique chance to make history in our Valley.

Beginning this Spring we will return to actively presenting the 4th Degree, Master Traveler, with a live Cast. Yes, we're going to 'retire' the DVD. We hope to build this Cast from the members of the Fall Class, and going forward having the preceding Class cast the Degree for the next conferral. This could be the start of great tradition in our Valley.

Bro. Brian Skoff, has agreed to take on the role of Degree Master for this new adventure. He and I will be addressing the Class about this on Friday night, but, we have a number of our new Brethren in this group already (the Facebook group, that is to our Web Edition followers. You REALLY need to get a Facebook account!), and hopefully they will be interested in being a part of this new project.

If any of you are interested in taking part, please let us know.

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