Monday, March 16, 2015

Brethren: I took a number of phone calls in the office today in which I had to turn Brethren away from making a dinner reservation for Friday evening's meal.
Needless to say those Brethren were not happy when I told them that they were of course welcome to come to the meeting but not the dinner.
To be fair, yes in the past our reservation deadline was always the Wednesday of the meeting week. That changed when Edgemont Caterers was awarded the contract to provide food at the Masonic Temple. Originally Edgemont wanted our reservations in 10 days prior to the meeting. I argued that policy wouldn't work for us as our Petition Deadline had always been the week before the meeting. They relented and allowed us to extend our deadline to the same date.
That date is advertised in THE DOUBLE EAGLE. Every Valley member gets a copy of that. You know well in advance of the when the deadline is. You have the option of sending in a paid reservation, calling it in, emailing it in or using our Facebook group to make a reservation. Waiting until after the deadline is neglect and will not do anything for you.
Please know that beginning next month, the reservation deadline will be a day earlier as I have to let Caterer know that same day we were closing our reservation and we have had a number of Brethren call after the reservations have closed. I will still add an extra 10 reservations for those that might not get their reservation in a timely fashion.
I always provide the dinner information with at least 3 to 2 1/2 weeks to go before the deadline. Which gives the membership plenty of time to make a reservation in advance.
Thank you for your understanding and your continued expected cooperation.

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