Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thursday Morning Update

Dear Brethren and Friends:
Good Morning everyone and welcome to Thursday!
In checking the weather this morning the storm pattern threatening our area tomorrow is still on track to possibly disrupt our plans.
As I mentioned in my earlier (or later last evening) post, I will talk with the Ill. Art Becker, 33 MSA, our Commander-in-Chief about this today. As soon as I have any updates or information I will get them out here, on my blog ( and on both the Valley's (@PhilaScotRite) and my own (@SteveAfromPA) Twitter accounts.
I'm already receiving questions from those that missed the dinner reservation deadline regarding the possibility of getting into the count for next Friday should we have to move the meeting. No promises. I will discuss this with the Caterer, but remember, you had plenty of time the first time!
We don't want to have cancel and reschedule our Reunion Opening, but your safety is our first and foremost concern.
Have a great Thursday everyone!
Stay tuned for updates!

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