Friday, March 20, 2015

Opening Night

Dear Brethren and Friends:

Tonight's the Night! Our Spring Reunion Opening Night.
The snowfall has begun in the area and the weather is looking sketchy. The Commander-in-Chief will make his decision later this morning. Once I hear from him you will hear from me. But as of right now we are a GO for tonight!
We have a total of 39 Candidates for this Class. We have some new Brethren taking part in the Degrees. It's going to be a BIG night for our Valley.
If we do go forward with the meeting, please be careful on your way in. The weather folks are saying that we will see heavy wet snow falling during the 5PM rush hour, which is when you'll most likely be on your way in to the Temple. Take your time.
Again, if anything should change, I will be in touch with you IMMEDIATELY through this medium, the blog and Twitter, also on the Valley's voicemail.
Have a great R.E.D. Friday everyone. Hope to see you this evening!
Be careful out there!

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