Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Deadline Week Update-Tuesday morning

Dear Brethren and Friends:

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday everyone!

Well, we're one day closer to DEADLINE Friday, and we have yet another Fall Class Candidate Count Update. As of last evening we have 72 Candidates for the Fall Class and we've already received Petition No. 1 for our 2014 Spring Class. WOW!

Then last night, Valley Brother and member of our Reception-Stewards Committee,
Andrew Dobson, messaged me to let me know that he has Petition No. 73 in his hands! Way to go Bro. Andy!

Our Sovereign Prince, Bro.
Jeffrey Lees, MSA is predicting 80, Bro. Mike McKee, Orator of Philadelphia Lodge of Perfection, is predicting 90, and we have one guy that seems to think 100 is possible with so few days left. I don't know about predictions. I predicted 70 and we've beaten that so, the question I have now is, DO WE HAVE YOUR CANDIDATE'S PETITION YET???

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