Monday, October 7, 2013

It's Deadline Week!

Good Morning everyone and welcome to DEADLINE Week! That's right. This Friday, 11 October is the deadline for Candidates to submit petitions for our Fall Class.

Speaking of our Fall Class, as of this past Friday we had 68 Candidates. Now I say 'had' as I had received telephone calls and emails from Brethren letting me know that more petitions were in the mail. This Class is going to be in the mid-70's or even higher.

Our Cast rehearsals begin this week as well. We have a number of first timers in our 16th and 20th Degree Casts. It's great to see newer members stepping up and getting involved. We always share that with every Class when they first join the Valley that opportunity for involvement is there and these Brethren are taking it. We're glad to have them on the team!

I know THE DOUBLE EAGLE says the deadline for dinner reservations is next Wednesday, 16 October, but I am asking everyone if possible to get yours in by Tuesday 15 October. The Masonic Temple's caterer is asking to have my count by Wednesday and as it appears we're going to have a large crowd your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Have a great week everyone. Yes, it's deadline week. Do you have a Candidate yet?

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