Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dear Brethren and Friends:

Good Morning and welcome to Reunion Week Tuesday!

Okay first question. Do you have a dinner reservation made yet? You do? Good. Thanks. Now the second question. How about all those guys you usually sit with at dinner and during the meeting? Or and more importantly, how about your Candidate? Remember this a new experience for him. Do they have their reservations made yet? Not sure? Can you do me a big favor and check with them? I'd appreciate it and that would help me to smooth what is appearing to be a bit of a bumpy road with the new Caterer. I know with a group our size that that there would be some glitches and the like the first time out, but with a Class this big, and with our usual large attendance, it could be a lot easier for all parties concerned if we have everyone's cooperation. Thanks!

As I said, we have a large Class, but would you believe the line is already forming for the 2014 Spring Class? It is! I've spoken to a number of Brethren that are very interested in becoming Scottish Rite Masons, but cannot do it this Fall. They've agreed to petition now and go into our queue for the Spring. Remember, I sent out 434 petitions to prospects. We've got 88 Candidates in this Class. That means that there are still a lot (hey, it's too early to do the math! Excuse me.) of possible Candidates out there. I sent an introductory letter and a petition to newly raised (between January and June 2013) Master Masons in Districts A, B, C, D, E, 6, 8, and 36. Chances are one or more of those guys are in your Lodge. Talk to him. Ask him if he got the petition and if he has any questions, and let him know that you'd be very happy to assist him. You never know, we could very well repeat this success in the Spring. Lets keep it going!

Well I have a busy day ahead. You're going to call in your reservation, if you haven't already, and so are your buddies, and of course your Candidate's going to call too. I'll be there waiting to hear from you and them! 215-563-1814.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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