Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dear Brethren and Friends:

Good Morning and happy Tuesday everyone!

Have you made your dinner reservations for the Special Assembly & Rendezvous yet? If you haven't remember, time is shorter now. You must have your reservation in by 5 November. That isn't too many days from today. Don't miss the deadline if you plan to be with us!

We're still looking for prompters. What's that you ask? Well a prompter is a guy who sits on the sideline during the Degrees with a copy of the script and when a Cast member forgets a line. . .that's right, he 'prompts' them with the word they're looking for! How hard can that be? As a prompter, you'll be listed in the Cast list in the Reunion Book, be introduced with the Cast when the Degree is complete and, get that all satisfying feeling from just being involved! The only obligation other than attending the Reunion is attending the rehearsals. How tough can be? Are you that guy that would like to get involved? This is the job for you! Call the office for more info or to just volunteer!

We're still looking for two more guys to join our Reception-Stewards Committee as well. This job has so many different facets to it, from stamping Passports, to selling Scottish Rite regalia, working with the dinner ticket or parking validation sales, to checking in our Candidates. It's a jump in and roll up your sleeves and be part a team task. Sounds like you? Call the office for more info or to get signed up.

Like I always say, make this Tuesday twice as nice by doing something kind for someone! Have a great day!

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