Friday, March 21, 2014

Again, with apologies to Rod Stewart, Tonight is the Night!

Our Spring Reunion begins this evening. We are honoring our very own Illustrious Valley Brother, Robert J. Bateman, 33, Right Worshipful Grand Master. He will be with us this evening, although we will 'officially' receive him as the honoree next month, when our Illustrious Deputy will also be on hand.

Good Luck and Thank You goes out to Bro.
Brian Skoff and the other members of the 4th Degree Cast. Most of the Bret...hren in this Cast were members of our Fall Class. This is a new experiment in our Valley that is looking like it will become a tradition. Good Luck again Brothers and inspire our Spring Class!

We also have the 14th and 26th Degrees on the docket as well. Ill. Cliff Hutchens drills his guys and they will be ready to perform their usual exemplary work. In the epic 26th Degree, we have a group of experienced Scottish Rite Masons, but we also have two first timers as well.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you did not reserve a dinner by 11 March, and are coming this evening, please be sure to have dinner at home or visit your favorite restaurant before coming down. Our Reception-Stewards Committee, will not, REPEAT, will not have tickets for sale this evening for walk up diners. Why? Because we do not have any dinners to sell!

We have 47 Candidates. Three of them are from my Lodge. Our March Stated Meeting was last night, and they are excited about this next step in their Masonic adventure. These 3 Brothers and all of our Candidates will have the Candidate pocket tag, be sure to personally welcome them. It matters. It really does.

It' going to be a GREAT night! If you're coming this evening. See you there!

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