Friday, March 28, 2014

Good Morning and Good Friday everyone!

The Scottish Rite Office will be closed today as I have some personal things I have to attend to.

At last evening's meeting of the Executive Committee, Illustrious Bro. Dan Hinds, 33 announced that after meeting with the Temple's Caterer, she has agreed to extend our dinner deadline to a week before the meeting. I wish I had this information before going to print with the April issue of THE DOUBLE EAGLE, but we'll take it anyway!

So, for those following along, our DEADLINE for dinner reservations for the April 11 meeting is now, Friday, April 4th! But that's it! After the 4th, we will not accept any reservations! No exceptions!

To those that have gotten your reservations in already, Thank You. To those that haven't you now have a few, yes, only a few, so don't dawdle, days left.

Although I won't be in the office today, we still have email, voicemail and Facemail, well, okay it isn't exactly "Face" mail, but you can click, "Going" on our Spring Reunion Closing Night event page and make a reservation. Get it in!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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