Monday, March 24, 2014

Good Morning and Good Monday everyone!

Spring? Oh Spring? Has anyone seen Spring? I think we might have an unauthorized absence going on here, because, brrrrr it's cold out there!

We had a GREAT night Friday night from all the reports I've received, but then again did you expect anything less? Yeah, me neither....

Well we're right back at it tonight! That's right, tonight! This evening in Gothic Hall the Officers of Kilwinning Chapter of Rose Croix, the 18th Degree line, will rehearse for their upcoming presentation scheduled for Friday, 11 April. The rehearsal begins at 7PM. Dress code as always is coat and tie and parking is in the Convention Center Parking Facility, 1324 Arch Street.

Speaking of parking, I had a few Brethren approach me about their parking, 'situation' on Friday evening. Parking for the Valley is now and will be for the foreseeable future at 1324 Arch Street. It was that way during the Fall Reunion, it's been published in THE DOUBLE EAGLE as well. A member of our Reception-Stewards Committee informed me that a 'disgruntled' member complained that we didn't have parking validations for the Parkway garage, the garage he parked in and that his parking was going to cost him now. When our Committee Brother informed the Brother that the Arch Street garage was the garage published in THE DOUBLE EAGLE, that Brother announced that he "doesn't read that." Well then my question has to be, if you don't read the notice, how is that our fault? Well hopefully any of our Brethren that chose to park elsewhere will consider it a lesson learned and the case is closed.

Don't forget, our April dinner reservation deadline is April 1. Now what that means is I will be calling our FINAL count into the Caterer that day so you actually want to get your reservation in by Monday, 31 March, if possible. REMEMBER, no, wait, make that, NO reservations will be accepted past 1 April. No fooling! Sorry I had to. Call 215-563-1814 or email to TODAY!

Have a great day everyone and a great week ahead! Good luck this evening, 18!

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