Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dear Brethren and Friends:
You're probably enjoying your Sunday, but did you know that tomorrow is actually the first day of the first week of preparation for our Spring Reunion?

Day 1. Tomorrow evening at 7PM in Gothic Hall the 26th Degree Cast will have their, or should I say, our first rehearsal. Also tomorrow, you want to be sure to have your dinner reservations in, if you don't already. Reservations are easy to make, call 215-563-1814, email, or and for our Facebook group members ONLY, click on the  'Events' tab and then click on "Spring Reunion Opening Night," and then click 'Going.' REMEMBER our Reunion is during the Lenten season, if you need a fish dinner, you want to be sure to have a prior reservation. REMEMBER, no, and I mean NO fish tickets can be purchased at the door!

Day 2. Tuesday is the day I give our FINAL count to the Caterer. If you are a recommender of a Candidate, please check with him and ensure yourself that he has called in. Thank you. And once more to emphasize, I give the Caterer the FINAL count on Tuesday, if you call on Wednesday or any day between Wednesday and Friday, March 21st, you just bought yourself a $30 dinner! The food's good, but thirty dollars good? With all due respect, I'm not too sure about that!

Day 3. Wednesday, is the first rehearsal for the 4th Degree Cast. We have a Cast made up mostly of guys from the last Class. Again we thank these new Brethren for stepping up and taking an instant active role in YOUR Valley! Also we have a first timer in the role of Degree Master. Bro. Brian Skoff will lead this Cast. We wish him and all the Brethren good luck and hope that this will be the first of many appearances for these Brethren. Who knows maybe this will be the first steps for some of them into eventually becoming Thrice Potent Master, Sovereign Prince or Most Wise Master? You have to begin somewhere! SPECIAL NOTE TO THE 4TH DEGREE CAST: Don't forget your start time has been changed from 7PM to 6:30PM!

Speaking of the Thrice Potent Master, also on Wednesday, Bro. Gerry Sealy and the rest of our 14th Degree Line and Cast will rehearse for their presentation of their signature Degree, 'the Summit of Ancient Craft Masonry,' Grand Elect Mason. Their rehearsal begins at 7:30 PM, again in Gothic Hall.

Remember, parking for all Valley activities, events and meetings is in the Convention Center Parking Facility, 1324 Arch Street. If you park in any other garage or lot, you will not receive the parking discount! Please note that the dress code for our rehearsals is coat and tie.

So there you have it. Week 1 leading up to our Reunion. If you're involved in some capacity, Thank You. If you're not, but are planning to attend the Reunion, Thank You for supporting your Valley. Hopefully we can get you too involved in the near future. There is a place for you. Just ask!

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